Man transporting cows beaten to death in Rajasthan

first_imgPehlu Khan (55), a man attacked by vigilantes for allegedly smuggling cows, died at a hospital in Alwar district of Rajasthan on Monday.A manhunt has been launched for the accused.In Jaipur, Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria said it was “all right” that some people caught those who were illegally transporting animals but added that “no one has the right to take the law into his own hands.” Mr. Kataria said the police would take appropriate action.Pehlu Khan and four others, including his two sons, were beaten brutally on Saturday by villagers who suspected that they were smuggling cows. Sixteen persons were allegedly transporting 36 bovine animals illegally in six pick-up vans.They were on their way to Haryana from Jaipur when the vigilantes stopped two of the vans in Behror on the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway.Pehlu Khan, his sons Aarif, 22, and Irshad, 25, were in the first van, while Ajmat, 28 and Sharif, 24, were in the second.All of them were thrashed and their vans damaged.The four vans which followed were also stopped by the police. In them, 11 persons were found and arrested under the Rajasthan Bovine Animal (Prohibition of Slaughter and Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act, ASI of the Behror police station Vikram Singh said.The five men who were beaten were admitted to a district hospital where Pehlu Khan died.last_img read more

Hair dye could be used to track down criminals

first_img“Your honor, we don’t know if the suspect is the killer, but we do know they both used Revlon Frost & Glow hair dye.” It sounds absurd, but a well-known chemistry technique could help authorities identify criminals based on their artificial hair color. Usually, hairs left behind at a crime scene are associated with DNA testing, but such a procedure requires whole, intact hairs and is often time-consuming. Because of these constraints, forensic analyses sometimes simply compare the appearance of the hair under the microscope, but these comparisons are subjective in nature and frequently inconclusive. However, new research, published online in Analytical Chemistry, might eventually provide police with a DNA-free method for objectively linking a hair to a crime. The technique uses surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to precisely measure how light from a laser bounces off a hair. Vibrations within the molecules on the hair’s surface change the energy of the reflected photons and are caught by a detector. If the sample has a dye on it (or blood, drugs, ink, explosives, etc.) the laser will reflect differently, and each dye creates a unique pattern. The technique is so precise that scientists are able to identify distinct brands of dye and determine whether the dye was temporary or permanent—even when sampling a microscopic piece of hair. Furthermore, because SERS is fast and doesn’t destroy the sample, if a chemical does link a hair to a crime scene, the sample could potentially still be analyzed for DNA at a later point.last_img read more

Dipa Karmakar may not use death-vault at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

first_imgIt wasn’t just Dipa Karmakar’s fourth-place finish at Rio but her front handspring-double somersault at the vault — the world knows as produnova — that made her a global star in the gymnastic world.But executing produnova, centrestage, took thousands of repetitions in training. For the 4 feet 11 inch path breaker, keeping the ‘death-vault’ in her armory all over again for Tokyo may not be worth the risk anymore. The 7 points one secured in executing produnova for its level of difficulty have now been slashed to 6.4. Also it could be too risky for her knee post anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery that kept her out of action for more than a year, after Rio Games.”I haven’t tried produnova after the knee injury. I may not do it but sir would know it better,” she tried to be non-committal in a chat with India Today.”We have started working on alternative techniques. But it’s only basic training. So let’s see how the future goes,” she added.”Let that remain a secret, please,” she said when asked about the number of points she was aiming for from the new move. She was an unlikely disrupter at Rio; the best in the business would now by keeping an eye on her next move.Dipa is set to relinquish produnova but refuses to call it a death-vault. “It is not death-vault at all. Four others have tried it amongst which is Produnova. Three months before the Olympics, I did 1000 repetitions of it. Whatever it is, when you repeat something again and again, it becomes easy,” she said.advertisementBack to winning ways with a bronze at World Cup in Cottbus, Dipa’s next leap will be watched closely.last_img read more


first_imgInterstate 80 is now open again border to border in Nebraska as of 11:45am Sunday.————————————————————————————————The winter blizzard Saturday caused three major multi-vehicle crashes on Interstate 80 in Nebraska and led to the State Patrol closing down a major length of the highway.The Nebraska State Patrol closed Interstate 80 Saturday night from mile marker 312, near Grand Island to mile marker 439, near Gretna.Troopers responded to numerous accidents, including large crashes at mile markers 329, 355, and 409.Some of the crashes involved injuries but the extent of them was not released.The first large crash occurred near mile marker 355, east of York, involving an estimated 30 vehicles, including at least 15 semis.The crash occurred at approximately 2:45 p.m. with more than 100 vehicles stranded behind that crash.Then at 3:10 p.m. a crash occurred at mile marker 329, near Aurora involving around 15 vehicles, including 10 semis.There were an estimated 25 vehicles involved in the crash at mile marker 409, near Waverly at 4pm with about 15 of those semis.Both eastern Nebraska and western Iowa authorities pulled their state snowplows off the roads after dark Saturday night because of zero visibility and a danger to the drivers until Sunday morning.Photos from Nebraska State Patrollast_img read more

Peter Beardsley: how Newcastle great ended up facing bullying accusations

first_imgShare on WhatsApp Newcastle’s Peter Beardsley takes ‘period of leave’ as bullying investigation continues Share on Facebook Share via Email Perhaps instructively, the shuffling, teetotal, Geordie creator with the pudding bowl haircut never really appeared “one of the lads” during those late 20th century days and rarely courted peer group popularity. Where some with a fraction of his talent swaggered, Beardsley’s off-field gait and general head-down demeanour was faintly apologetic and determinedly humble. If balls, cones or bibs needed collecting he always volunteered while, after matches, the winner of two league titles and an FA Cup with Liverpool, as well as the holder of 59 England caps, could often be spied helping staff load kit skips on to the team bus.Few stars can have disguised their ego as heavily but observers at Newcastle United suggest this anything-but-synthetic public humility coexists alongside a passive-aggressive coaching persona which has arguably contributed towards one of the club’s greatest players being placed on gardening leave from his job as the under‑23s coach during an internal investigation into alleged bullying and racism.Newcastle’s Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, a 22-year-old Londoner of Moroccan heritage, has accused Beardsley of bullying and is supported by written submissions from five team-mates. Beardsley is also said to have made an allegedly racist comment to an African academy player. In a statement issued through his solicitor, Beardsley – who will be 57 next Thursday on 18 January – vehemently denies all allegations.Potentially the most damaging is Beardsley’s alleged – “you lot should be good at this” – comment when a couple of African players struggled with climbing apparatus at “Go Ape” during a squad outing to the Tyneside adventure playground. He is understood to adamantly maintain this was a general reference to the entire group of fit, young, supposedly agile footballers, and had nothing to do with ethnicity.If Beardsley the player – a blend of David Silva and Andres Iniesta – would have been good enough to have played for Guardiola’s Barcelona, his coaching career has been less gilded. In habitually eschewing the usual methods of winning young hearts and mind – charm, humour, sports science and psychology among them – Beardsley is viewed by some as a rarely-satisfied perfectionist with limited understanding of younger players lacking real talent or the sort of consummate commitment and professionalism which characterised his own playing days.This, after all, is a man who as a schoolboy growing up in Newcastle used to routinely carry out shopping errands for his parents with the ball at his feet. “I never touched it with my hands, not even in shops or crossing roads,” he has said, recalling those days of holding carrier bags while shoulder dropping and shimmying his way past pedestrians while dribbling along pavements.“Peter was different from everyone else and there were some snide comments about him,” his old Liverpool team-mate John Barnes has said. “But he’s the player I most enjoyed playing with. He was crucial to my success.”Beardsley will argue his penchant for delivering quietly issued but sometimes scornful put-downs to young footballers is character building but a clear frustration with perceived underachievers is evidenced by accounts of his pausing training to pull individual under-23s off the pitch and issue public dressing downs.His mood has probably not been helped by the alarming shortage of players making the transition from the under-23s to Rafael Benítez’s first team and he has proved surprisingly thin-skinned when journalists have criticised his side’s sometimes poor performances.If some youngsters have been inspired by the sight of Beardsley side-footing long-range volleys with astonishingly unerring accuracy during training, others have felt belittled.It is telling that during Hatem Ben Arfa’s time on Tyneside, he and Beardsley became soul-mates. While Ben Arfa, a richly gifted, maverick forward, watched admiringly as the older man showed off extraordinarily training ground touch and technique, the coach denounced the Frenchman’s critics.Beardsley’s other champions – and there are many loyal Newcastle academy graduates who believe his brand of tough love has been the making of them as footballers and people – talk of a man who goes the extra mile to maximise the talent of those displaying promise and desire.A Premier League inquiry cleared Beardsley of bullying allegations brought by youth players in 2003 but personality clashes with senior figures partly explain why he took a three-year break from coaching Newcastle’s junior sides from 2006. One of Glenn Roeder’s first acts on becoming first-team manager that year was to instigate Beardsley’s shift to an ambassadorial role.The grim determination which saw Beardsley overcome teenage rejection by Newcastle and a subsequent failure to make Manchester United’s first-team ensured he quickly mapped a route back into junior coaching. It did not take long for the old contradictions and paradoxes to resurface. Read more Reuse this content Newcastle United Peter Beardsley has always been a man of contradictions. As an immensely gifted footballer regularly dubbed a genius by team-mates, he was very much a dressing‑room outsider. As a coach, he represents an awkward amalgam of expansive Pep Guardiola-style tactical vision and a narrowly old‑fashioned mindset.On the pitch Beardsley cut a thrillingly anarchic, creative and improvisational figure who, by joining the dots between midfield and attack, somehow invariably succeeded in also being a quintessential team player. Off it, though, a man who sometimes gave the impression he would have been happier playing in an earlier era never seemed afraid to stand alone. Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter features Share on LinkedIn Share on Messenger Topicslast_img read more

A Starfish Saved

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on January 1, 2011June 20, 2017By: Yeabsira Mehari, Young Champion of Maternal HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)This blog post was contributed by Yeabsira Mehari, one of the fifteen Young Champions of Maternal Health chosen by Ashoka and the Maternal Health Task Force at EngenderHealth. She will be blogging about her experience every month, and you can learn more about her, the other Young Champions, and the program here.A little over half way through the Young Champion program and it seems I’ve already received my blessings. Though the reasons that brought me back to Ethiopia were not the most desirable, my time here has proven more invaluable than I had ever dreamed. Flying to India, I recall preparing my mind for whatever awaited. I wanted to remove any preconceived notions so I could take in the reality of incredible India. I’m now certain that it was this mind state that made the transition that much easier.Living in India away from all that is familiar to me has allowed me to gain much needed perspective, bringing me back to the ideals that are most important to me be it maternal and child health, social peace & justice issues or education. Back in Ethiopia now, I found myself ill prepared to perceive all the changes taking place except for the plethora of auto-rickshaws people refer to as Bajaj here. A fast growing country (despite the rising inflation rates), Ethiopia seems to be headed in a good direction – laws aimed at ending anti-corruption are being passed routinely; press freedom is gradually increasing; independent businesses are on the rise; human rights campaigns are ongoing and education levels are also on the rise. However, this is view is rather broad view that does not include the social, socio-economic and public health changes that are taking place.Standing in the visa line at Bole Addis Ababa International Airport (Ethiopia), a young girl approached me and asked if I was Ethiopian. When I responded yes, she asked me to help her and her two friends fill out their Exit Cards. Since this is not uncommon especially for those who do not travel a great deal, I was more than happy to help. As I reached for a pen to give to one of the girls, they immediately asked me if I could fill it out. So I asked if they wanted the Amharic or English version, they said it didn’t matter. I found this rather peculiar, but continued to fill out their cards none the less. It was not until I asked them to sign the cards that I realized all three girls were illiterate. I smiled through my disbelief as the girls thanked me and walked away. All three were 23 years old and were coming from Qatar after working there as house maids for a year. I read about how low Ethiopia’s illiteracy rate is especially amongst women. I research and read and write and yet I’ve never encountered young illiterate girls in the city especially ones that are traveling. It was my first brush with my new found perspective.Some weeks later, I was leaving a restaurant rather late with my brother and encountered two young women each holding a child. I was compelled to talk them. I offered the food I was taking home and they were extremely happy to be receiving it. They told me they live over an hour away but walk to the busier parts of the city in the evenings to beg for food and money. During the day, they go to the market areas instead. What about their education or their children’s education? They could not afford to send themselves to school, but were sending their kids (approx 1.5 and 3 years old) to a care center during the day. One of the girls said it was expensive but she wanted her child to go to school. The cost? Less than $2.50 a week.It is incidents like these that keep me grounded in my dreams and mission. It is also these types of incidents that make me feel as though I won’t even make a dent in health and education issues facing Ethiopia. Yet, I come back to the story of the boy and starfish Dr. Glory shared with the staff during my first week at ASHA. It is the story I wish to leave you with:There was a little boy who walked upon a beach only to find it flooded with starfish brought ashore by a storm. The boy started picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean. A man walked up the boy and said, “Silly boy, you cannot save all the starfish. So why waste your time?” And the boy responded, “I may not save all the starfish, but each one I help is a starfish saved.”Share this:last_img read more

India are not underdogs, says Italy captain Corrado Barazzutti ahead of Davis Cup tie

first_imgIndia are not underdogs, says Italy captain Corrado Barazzutti ahead of Davis Cup tieDavis Cup World Group Qualifiers: World No.18 Marco Cecchinato will lead Italy’s challenge, while they have two others inside top-60. India’s top-ranked Prajnesh Gunneswaran on the other hand is world number 102.advertisement Press Trust of India KolkataJanuary 28, 2019UPDATED: January 28, 2019 18:27 IST India have named a strong team to face Italy in the Davis Cup World Group Qualifiers (PTI Photo)HIGHLIGHTSIndia and Italy face-off in the Davis Cup World Group Qualifiers from February 1World No.18 Marco Cecchinato will lead Italy’s challengeItaly lead India 4-1 in head-to-head encounters. India won the last time they played in Kolkata, in 1985Italy’s non-playing captain Corrado Barazzutti on Monday predicted a tough match against India, insisting that the hosts were not underdogs despite having lower-ranked players compared to his team. India and Italy face-off in the Davis Cup World Group Qualifiers from February 1.World No.18 Marco Cecchinato will lead Italy’s challenge, while they have two others inside top-60. India’s top-ranked Prajnesh Gunneswaran on the other hand is world number 102.”In Davis Cup, the ranking is only important for the draws on who plays first and who plays second. But everything changes once you step on the court. No one are underdogs I think. It will be a tough match,” Barazzutti told reporters after their first practice session on grass courts of the Calcutta South Club.On head-to-head count, Italy lead India 4-1. India won the last time they played in Kolkata, in 1985.India opted to host formidable Italy on grass on February 1 and 2 on grass courts, considering that the visitors have tough hard and clay court players.The winner of the tie will qualify for the inaugural World Group Finals in Madrid in November this year.”They are playing at home and on grass. We have to be focused and play with utmost respect. It’s always very difficult to play when you play for your country. It’s important for us for sure.”They are a good side. They are good players. We have to show bigger respect to this team, these players because they are very good,” Barazzutti who was part of the Davis Cup winning Italian team in 1976, said.advertisementCecchinato who defeated Novak Djokovic en route the French Open semifinals last year, has only played one Davis Cup rubber and it was on clay as no one in the Italy squad has played the Davis Cup on grass.”It’s grass. What I can say. That is the court. And we have to play on this court, we have nothing to complain. We were just practising to play as better as possible.””You know the schedule. Only some players played on grass before the Wimbledon last year. There’s maybe one tournament after the Wimbledon. Nobody plays a lot on the grass. Even the Indians don’t play I think. Not only us,” he said.The five-member team got used to the lush green South Club courts sweating it out for close to two hours.Also Watch:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byPTI Tags :Follow Davis CupFollow Marco CecchinatoFollow Prajnesh Gunneswaran Nextlast_img read more

Three to Win in Third-Annual Drawing for National Travel Advisor Day

first_imgTravelex Insurance Services just gave travel advisors another reason to celebrate National Travel Advisor Day all month long. As the third-annual drawing, the travel insurance provider made it easier than ever for travel advisors to enter for a chance to win. The drawing is as easy to remember as 1-2-3. It only takes one minute to enter. Each winner gets two new pieces of luggage. Three travel advisors will win. All travel advisors who enter the drawing from May 1-31, 2019 will have a chance to win a new set of Away brand luggage, valued at $420. Three lucky winners will receive both prizes in their choice of color. The Carry-On smart suitcase features an ejectable battery to charge electronic devices, a TSA-compliant combination lock, and exterior measurements that meet carry-on requirements. The Everywhere Bag slides over the Carry-On suitcase handle for a smooth ride, matches airlines’ personal item requirements, and features multiple interior pockets, including a waterproof compartment and space for a laptop. Travel advisors can get up to 10 extra entries by sharing the drawing with colleagues. Travelex Insurance Services’ Vice President of Marketing Christine Buggy said: “National Travel Advisor Day is a wonderful reminder to celebrate the dedication, energy and passion travel advisors bring to the industry. This drawing is a small gesture to show our gratitude to travel advisors for all they do to make travel dreams a reality.” National Travel Advisor Day is May 1. Travelex is accepting entries May 1-31. Winners will be announced June 4.  About Travelex Travelex Insurance Services is a leading travel insurance provider in the United States with over 55 years combined industry expertise of helping people dream, explore and travel with confidence. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Travelex Insurance Services was founded in 1996 when the Travelex Group purchased Mutual of Omaha Companies’ travel insurance distribution services. Travelex Insurance Services became a subsidiary of Cover-More Holdings USA, Inc. in November 2016, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group Limited (“ZIG”), headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Travel insurance plans are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company. Travelex Insurance Services delivers a wide range of travel protection plans through travel agencies, tour operators and at read more

MSC Cruises Confirms Option for Two More Cruise Ships

first_imgzoom Geneva-based cruise giant MSC Cruises has confirmed orders for two more cruise vessels to be built by STX France’s shipyard in Saint Nazaire, according to the cruise company.The announcement was made during the coin ceremony for the MSC Meraviglia, held at the shipyard on MondayThe deal for the two Meraviglia Plus class vessels is worth a total of EUR 1.6 billion (USD 1.74 billion). The new vessels join the company’s existing order for two Vista class cruise ships, previously signed with STX France in April 2015.The two Meraviglia Plus class ships are expected to join the company’s fleet in October 2019 and September 2020.Featuring a length of 331 meters, the new vessels will be able to carry almost 6,300 passengers.World Maritime News Stafflast_img

Export Credit Norway Offers Retrofit Loans

first_imgzoom Following the IMO ratifications of the ballast water and exhaust gas treaties, Export Credit Norway is offering financing to international vessel owners who purchase retrofit equipment from Norwegian suppliers.Export Credit Norway has launched the new loans to support vessel owners who need to retrofit equipment such as gas exhaust cleaning systems, ballast water treatment systems and new coating systems.Analyses show that as many as 60,000 vessels worldwide will need to retrofit scrubber systems by 2020 and ballast water treatment systems by 2021.“Money is tight and access to reasonably priced capital is a challenge for many players in the international shipping and maritime industries at the moment. Hence, attractive financing of retrofit equipment could make the investment less demanding for many vessel owners,” said Olav Einar Rygg, Export Credit Norway’s Director of Lending – Ocean Industries.Export Credit Norway can finance up to 85 percent of the contract value for retrofit equipment that international vessel owners acquire from Norwegian companies. Norwegian content must account for minimum 30 percent of the amount of the Norwegian supplier contracts.The maturity of the retrofit loans will be between 5 and 8.5 years per single loans, depending on the economic life, amount and type of investment.For ship owners that have several vessels that need to retrofit equipment, Export Credit Norway can offer a credit frame agreement for the entire fleet. The loans for the purchase of the retrofit equipment will then be structured as single loans under the credit frame agreement. The single loans will be disbursed upon fulfilment of pre-agreed conditions.Norwegian shipping companies may also apply for financing of retrofits at Norwegian shipyards, provided that the vessel will be engaged in foreign trade or generate its revenue in the offshore market.Ship owners or equipment suppliers must apply for export financing before the commercial contract is signed.last_img read more

GOGL Reports Better Earnings in 4Q 2017

first_imgzoom Norway-based shipping company Golden Ocean Group (GOGL) ended the fourth quarter of 2017 with a net income of USD 27.1 million, compared to net income of USD 6.5 million seen in the corresponding period a year earlier.The company’s adjusted EBITDA stood at USD 65.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, against USD 24.2 million in 4Q 2016.Operating revenues amounted to USD 151.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, an increase of USD 24.4 million from USD 127 million during the third quarter of 2017. As explained, the improvement in operating revenues was primarily related to increased freight rates during the quarter, particularly for the company’s Capesize vessels.“After returning to profitability during the third quarter of 2017, (…) we were able to capitalize on improving market conditions due to the size, composition and modernity of our fleet. We remain focused on maintaining competitive cash breakeven levels and a healthy balance sheet to provide us the flexibility to return value to our shareholders through our cash flows and continue to evaluate accretive growth opportunities,” Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Ocean Management AS, commented.GOGL also managed to narrow its net loss for 2017 to USD 2.3 million from loss of USD 127.7 million reported a year earlier.During the quarter, GOGL raised USD 100 million in capital through a USD 66 million equity offering and a USD 34 million equity in-kind contribution as partial consideration for two Capesize vessels, delivered in November 2017 and January 2018.In December 2017, the company completed the sale of six Ultramax vessels for USD 142.5 million.Following the sale of six Ultramaxes and the acquisition of two Capesize ships, GOGL has increased its focus on larger vessel classes which are believed to “provide the greatest amount of leverage in a strong rate environment.”In addition, during January and February 2018, GOGL took delivery of the five new vessels, completing its newbuilding program.Currently, the company’s operating fleet is comprised 78 vessels, with an aggregate capacity of 10.7 million dwt.“With a solid cash Golden Ocean Group Limited, fourth quarter 2017 position and competitive cash breakeven rates, the company expects to be well-positioned to generate strong cash flow if the market continues to develop positively,” the company said in its outlook.last_img read more

City registers 202 malaria cases this year with 48 in first week

first_imgNew Delhi: Nearly 50 cases of malaria have been reported in the first week of September taking the total number of people affected by it in the national capital this year to over 200, according to the latest municipal report.The number of dengue cases recorded till September 7 stood at 122, with 30 of these reported this month and 52 in August. Of the 202 malaria cases, 48 were reported in September, 56 in August, 54 in July, 35 in June, eight in May and just one case in April. According to the report released on Monday, 40 cases of chikungunya have also been reported this year. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderLast year, 2,798 dengue cases and four deaths were recorded by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), which tabulates the data on vector-borne diseases in the city. Both the Delhi government and the local bodies have been making efforts to raise awareness on precautions to ensure that there is no breeding of mosquito larvae around them. The Arvind Kejriwal government has started an anti-dengue campaign ’10Hafte 10Baje 10Minute’ urging people to inspect their house for any standing water. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsThe campaign — from September 1 and November 15 — to combat dengue has garnered support from several personalities, including cricket legend Kapil Dev, many Bollywood actors and well-known journalists. During a press conference on Sunday, Kejriwal had said, “In five years, the number of dengue cases reported have come down by 80 per cent. We have tried to reduce it even further. This year, fortunately, there is no spike in it and it is because all people have come together, from Delhi government to Centre and MCD”. Dengue mosquito larvae breed in clear, standing water while those of malaria mosquito thrive even in dirty water. Doctors have advised people to take precautions and ensure that there is no breeding of mosquito larvae around them. They have urged people to wear full-sleeves and use mosquito nets. Water coolers should be dried up when not in use as mosquitoes carrying dengue virus usually breed there, a doctor said. Cases of vector-borne diseases are usually reported between July and November, but the period may stretch to mid-December. Meanwhile, mosquito-breeding has been reported in at least 1,06,948 households and 90,461 legal notices have been issued this year. Last year, 473 cases of malaria and 165 cases of chikungunya were reported.last_img read more

SIU clears officer in Steve Mesics death

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit says there are no grounds to lay criminal charges against the Hamilton police officers who shot and killed Steve Mesic last June. In the report released Wednesday, the SIU sheds new light on the events leading up to Mesic’s death. But as Melissa Raftis tells us, some of those who knew the former steelworker best, say they’ve lost faith in police.The SIU’s report says when he was shot and killed, Steve Mesic was advancing toward two Hamilton police officers holding a shovel over his shoulder like a baseball bat. Police had been called to the Linc near Upper Wentworth June 7th for reports of a man walking into traffic. After losing sight of him, police found Mesic trying to pry open the backdoor of a townhouse with a shovel. At the time they didn’t know it was Mesic’s own home. After asking him what he was doing, the SIU says Mesic aggressively walked toward the officers, ignoring their calls to drop the shovel. Eventually crossing the fence between them within striking range. SIU Director Ian Scott writes: “In my view, the subject officers were justified in their use of lethal force. By the time Mr. Mesic was on the same side of the fence, the option of pepper spray was not feasible due to the imminent threat Mr. Mesic represented to the two subject officers.”“I have absolutely zero faith in policing system now. Nothing.”Mesic’s friend Steve Close says police could have defused the situation. Even though the SIU’s report says the officers didn’t know Mesic had apparently attempted suicide earlier in the day by walking in front of a bus on the Jolley Cut.Close: “He definitely didn’t deserve to die the way that he did. He needed help. He didn’t need a bullet, or five bullets or 8 bullets these cowards, I’m going to call them cowards put into his back or wherever they put it to him. He didn’t need to do that.”Hamilton police and SIU haven’t said where Mesic was struck or how many bullets were fired. Only that he was hit by at least one bullet from each handgun.Chief Glenn de Caire issued a statement saying police cooperated fully with the investigation, and will continue to train officers to de-escalate critical incidents like they have for years.But even though the SIU has reached its conclusions, close says he refuses to let Mesic’s story be forgotten.Close: “Rest in peace brother. Hope you’re good man.”Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina released a statement Wednesday saying his heart goes out Mesic’s family and friends. We spoke briefly with Mesic’s mother who says there has been no justice for her son. In an email, Sharon Dorr, Mesic’s fiance, says she needs a couple days to digest the news and will be releasing a statement on Friday. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 read more

Ban hopes South Africa will reconsider decision to withdraw from International Criminal

In a statement issued by his office today, the UN chief also recalled the “significant role” played by South Africa in the establishment of the ICC, including as one of the first signatories of the Rome Statute.According to ICC, the withdrawal will only come into effect one year after notification to the Secretary-General, who is the depositary.He further expressed his belief that the ICC is central to global efforts to end impunity and prevent conflict as well as his confidence that the UN Member States will continue to further strengthen the Court, thus helping deter future atrocities across the globe. Further, the statement noted: “[Mr. Ban] also hopes that States that may have concerns regarding the functioning of the Court seek to resolve these matters in the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute.” The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is the international treaty that founded the Court. Comprising a Preamble and 13 Parts, it establishes the governing framework for the Court. The Statute sets out the Court’s jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and – as of an amendment in 2010 – the crime of aggression. In addition to jurisdiction, it also addresses issues such as admissibility and applicable law, the composition and administration of the Court, investigations and prosecution, trials, penalties, appeal and revision, international cooperation and judicial assistance, and enforcement. The Rome Statute was adopted at the Rome Conference on 17 July 1998 and entered into force on 1 July 2002. read more

Cold snap no problem for 4×4 drivers

The Met Office is forecasting snow showers for most parts of the UK this weekend. However, the nation’s 4×4 drivers shouldn’t need to change their plans. Latest registration figures from SMMT (January-October) show interesting regional trends for 4×4 sales. Large conurbations like London, West Midlands, Merseyside and Manchester are not hotspots, appearing towards the bottom of the list. SMMT chief executive, Christopher Macgowan said, ‘We must not lose sight of the fact that each year Britain is gripped by poor weather. A four-wheel drive provides greater stability, more grip and less chance of accidents in inclement weather. At this time of year, the British weather shows just how important these selling points are for both urban and rural users.’ SMMT publishes these figures to put to bed myths like ‘one in seven’ sales in London is a 4×4. In truth, the figure is closer to one in 15. All over the country drivers recognise this benefit, helping reduce the number of accidents that inevitably increase when snow and ice hits. Regional/county figures are attached showing the percentage of 4x4s registered as new for each area.DownloadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 4×4 vehicles come into their own in wintry conditions. They have the capability to distribute power between the front and rear axle, depending on the need. This helps prevent loss of traction caused by over or understeer, provides extra grip and greater stability – ideal for slippery snowy conditions. read more

Ohio State womens soccer splits weekend matchups

OSU sophomore forward Lindsay Agnew (20) throws the ball into play Oct. 24 in a match against Iowa at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU lost, 2-1. Credit: Regina Bonfiglio / Lantern photographerWhile trying to keep its hopes of making the Big Ten Tournament alive, the Ohio State women’s soccer team fell to Iowa, but bounced back against Nebraska.The Buckeyes (6-9-3, 3-6-3) and Cornhuskers (7-9-2, 3-7-2) played to a scoreless first half on Sunday before OSU broke through with three goals in the second.Before the barrage of goals, OSU entered halftime with a 4-1 lead in shots and 2-1 lead in shots on goal. Coach Lori Walker said the team contained the Cornhuskers’ offense through teamwork.“Everything for us recently has just been about taking care of ourselves and not giving away opportunities for other teams to capitalize on,” Walker said. “You do that by playing together and playing as a united group.”Things picked up in the second half when Nebraska senior forward Mayme Conroy scored the first goal of the game off an assist from junior defender Jaylyn Odermann to give Nebraska a 1-0 lead in the 57th minute.The Buckeyes responded in the 76th minute when a cross from sophomore forward Nichelle Prince allowed freshman forward Sammy Edwards to tie the game.OSU went ahead in the 87th minute after freshman midfielder Nikki Walts nailed a 22-yard shot. The Buckeyes cemented the victory after Prince finished a breakaway into an empty net in the 90th minute to give OSU the 3-1 win.The Buckeyes outshot Nebraska, 25-7, in the game.Senior midfielder Ellyn Gruber said the Cornhuskers’ style of play was a challenge but OSU was able to match it.“They were very physical and very aggressive,” Gruber said. “I think we handled that aggression very well and played physical right back.”Walker praised the team’s ability to respond after giving up a goal in the second half. “If anyone has had the best training in adversity this season, it’s been our squad,” Walker said. “We got down and were able to pick ourselves back up.” The win was the first for the Buckeyes since defeating Northwestern on Sept. 28. OSU had gone 0-3-3 since that game. Prince said getting the win felt like the culmination of the stretch.  “We’ve been on a very long journey,” Prince said. “We’ve been working really hard and it’s been hard to get results, but we’ve pushed through and haven’t given up yet.”It was a different story when the Buckeyes played Iowa on Friday. The Hawkeyes took the early lead after senior forward Cloe Lacasse put a header in the back of the OSU net in the fifth minute. The rest of the first half remained quiet as the Hawkeyes took a 1-0 lead into halftime. Iowa scored again, as a free kick from senior defender Melanie Pickert doubled the lead in the 80th minute. OSU got on the board in the 86th minute after Prince converted off an assist from sophomore forward Taylor Schissler. The Buckeyes weren’t able to tie it up, giving Iowa the 2-1 win.The Buckeyes are scheduled to play their final game of the regular season against Rutgers on Friday at 7 p.m. at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

EHF EURO 2014 qual Round 5 Battle for Danish VISA all around

Today will be played matches of the EHF EURO 2014 qualification Round 5. A lot of important clashes will be played all around Europe after which most of the teams will find their way to Denmark:GROUP 1:SWITZERLAND – MACEDONIA 20h (, blocked in Macedonia)PORTUGAL – SPAIN 21:30GROUP 2:ISRAEL – CZECH 19:30MONTENEGRO – GERMANY 20h ( 3:LITHUANIA – FRANCE 18:45TURKEY – NORWAY 19GROUP 4:LATVIA – HUNGARY 19:05SLOVAKIA – CROATIA 20.30hGROUP 5:Ukraine – Sweden 19:05NETHERLANDS – POLAND 19:30GROUP 6:BELARUS – ISLAND 18ROMANIA – SLOVENIA 17hGROUP 7:RUSSIA – SERBIA 16h ( – AUSTRIA (17, Thursday) ← Previous Story SEHA 2013/2014 with 10 teams – MKB Veszprem and Pick Szeged have a week to response Next Story → Runar Karason joins Rhein-Neckar Loewen men’s ehf euro 2014 qualification read more

Filip Ivic to miss next five weeks in Kielce

Filip IvicPGE Vive Kielce The 26-years old Croatian goalkeeper Filip Ivic has no luck this season. The member of PGE Vive Kielce went on surgery, but this time, backup for Slawomir Szmal between the posts of Polish champions, had problem with his elbow.Ivic will be out for about five weeks. That means Croat will be ready for possible quarter-final of the VELUX EHF Champions League.After decision of Rhein Neckar Lowen to send their “B team” to Kielce at the first TOP 16 match, it looks that Ivic and Kielce have no reason to be worried, as he has enough time to recover since clash with Paris Saint Germain. ← Previous Story VIDEO: How Weber breaks Heinevetter’s spine Next Story → EHF statement about “March 24”: EHF CL schedule is set two years ago

Actor Geoffrey Rush wins defamation case against Australian newspaper

first_imgActor Geoffrey Rush wins defamation case against Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph claimed the actor had inappropriately touched a female co-star. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Apr 11th 2019, 8:38 AM AUSTRALIAN ACTOR GEOFFREY Rush has won a defamation case against a Sydney newspaper over reports that he behaved inappropriately with a co-star. A front-page story in 2017 claimed that the Sydney Theatre Company received a complaint that the actor had inappropriately touched a female co-star during a staging of King Lear. A judge in Sydney ruled today that the Daily Telegraph, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, had produced a “recklessly irresponsible piece of sensationalist journalism” and awarded Rush $850,000 (€540,000) in damages.“There are no winners in this case, it has been extremely distressing for anyone involved,” Rush said in brief remarks outside the court, calling the months-long legal case a “harrowing time”.Justice Michael Wigney said that reasonable readers would assume from the reporting that Rush was a “pervert” from a series of reports that he ruled were mostly uncorroborated.The judge said that actress Eryn Jean Norvill’s evidence was inconsistent and that she “was at times prone to exaggeration and embellishment.”Wigney said he would assess further damages for lost earnings at a later date.Australia’s defamation laws are notoriously strict and often favour the person accused of bad behaviour.Rush won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1997 for his role in Shine and is also known for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and The King’s Speech.© – AFP 2019 7 Comments Actor Geoffrey Rush leaves court today Image: AAP/PA Images By AFPcenter_img 12,578 Views Actor Geoffrey Rush leaves court today Image: AAP/PA Images Short URL Thursday 11 Apr 2019, 8:38 AM Share50 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Report Trump to reopen Arctic waters to oil leasing

first_imgMap of previous Chukchi Sea leases. (Image: BOEM)President Trump may soon issue an executive order intended to lift restrictions on oil development in Arctic waters. That’s according to a Bloomberg news story. It cites three unnamed sources who say Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke spoke of it at an industry conference that was closed to reporters.Listen nowThe order would aim to reverse a decision by former President Obama to indefinitely close most U.S. Arctic waters to leasing. Obama used a legal mechanism known as a “12a withdrawal.”  Environmentalists argue it can’t be revoked, so a court challenge is likely.Bloomberg says the White House directive would also press the Interior Department to add Arctic areas to the department’s five-year offshore leasing plan.Alaska’s U.S. senators are also working to re-open Arctic waters to leasing. Thursday, they jointly introduced a bill to repeal Obama’s Arctic withdrawals and require new lease sales.last_img read more