The Return

first_imgThe ancient gray and blue carpet covered the entire floor of the Indian air carrier we boarded in New York. Most of the passengers are harried couples with children, searching woodenly for their seats. One wailing baby crawls on the floor and wets himself. The stain spreads slowly on the carpet.Impatient nudges prompt me to find and slump on my seat. The plane starts to vibrate, while I continue staring at the stain on the carpet. I could have flown Singapore Airlines, but picked this one because it was cheaper. After all, I will not be paid in dollars in India.I still am not able to believe it. I have spent my whole life dreaming about living in America. And now, after I made the impossible leap, I am leaving. In fact, I have left… we are now in mid-air.A sigh escapes me. I first came to the United States in 2004 on an international fellowship. It had hit me in the arrival lounge at Newark International Airport – introverted middle-class Indian women do not get all-expense paid trips and fellowships. But here I was, in the land of my dreams.I was in the US only for a month at the time. But it changed me forever. No pressures. No guilt. No judgment. And so much beauty. Such delights motivated me to return the following year on an internship, working for the same magazine that had awarded me the fellowship.Lost in thought, I am brought back to reality by a slight touch on my forearm. When I notice my next-seat companion, I groan silently. Trust the fates to seat me beside a leering Indian businessman. This one looks slightly older than my father.“Hi, I own a motel in Kansas,” he says, licking his lips. “Ever been in a motel?” I silence him with my wooden stare. I feel disgusted. No American would have breached my privacy in such a crude manner. The male colleagues in my office were utterly professional and courteous to the core. Why can’t Indian men learn something from the Americans?I worked in a picturesque town in Pennsylvania. My colleagues often joked that I had visited New York City more times in a few months than they had in their lifetime. I was at the bus station almost every Friday, my little burgundy suitcase packed with essentials. In three hours, I would be magically transported from a genteel small town to the pulsing cultural melting pot of the East Coast.What can I say about Times Square that has not been said before? I have spent countless evenings just taking in the cold air there, feeling it expanding my lungs, my vision, my essence with its mingled aromas and sounds. They thrill me, fill me. If I concentrate enough, I can recall its language – the lilting mixture of various languages, united in one strip of land on this island. I can even recall the specifics. An impatient woman’s voice asking for tickets for The Lion King. The haunting Tibetan music played by a group of musicians in the 42nd street subway. The taste of tender lobster, smothered in butter, eaten in a noisy restaurant.The food trolley passes me and I glance at the offerings. At least they look better than the interior of the plane, I think, as the tight-lipped air hostess serves me. A moment later, I push the plate away in disappointment. No one can eat croissants on an airplane after savoring them in a neat little deli in Williamsburg.In New York, you can eat at a different restaurant every day for decades and never visit the same one again. The food, the cuisines… Mexican, Cuban, Ethiopian… the cafes and deli restaurants in New York had seduced me, enveloped me in gastronomic ecstasy. Land of the Free. I was free to live and eat, to play and celebrate. Only I was never free from my roots, from the cultural umbilical cord still throbbing in my core. One pull and here I go.That’s enough, I order myself and close my eyes. A few hours later we are in Mumbai. But I am still not home. For me, Chennai is India. From the lounge, I can see the terminals. Men and women, old and young, laugh and chatter, with hope and sadness reflected in their eyes.Airports are so fascinating – they are portals to our future, to a place free of past mistakes and lost chances. One final way to escape the demons, memories, hurts… yet, they also take us back to our personal hell. Dejectedly, I convert my dollars into rupees and board the connecting flight. The journey from Mumbai to Chennai is too brief. As the smaller connecting flight touches down, I experience a horrendous panic. What have I done? Why am I coming back? Thousands of Indians extend their visas and become NRIs. Why hadn’t that thought even crossed my mind?I complete the immigration formalities in a daze and enter the restroom. I take a look at myself; my hair resembles a bird’s nest and my face looks haunted. I brush my hair violently until it is flat, but there is no salvation for the fear in my eyes. I would be never ready, I think. I clutch furiously at the tissues and wipe my face.I proceed to the baggage claim area. Five and then ten minutes pass. No sign of my suitcases. Restless, I walk through the arts store in the airport. I peek inside, beyond the ornate door of the boutique. The walls are filled with knick-knacks that scream Indian. Sequined slippers, oxidized jewelry, tiny elephants carved out of wood. There are a couple of white women, trying out the pashminas. I look at them wistfully. Wanna trade visas? I want to ask. I return to the lounge, wiping imaginary moisture from my forehead. I squirm uneasily, the buckle of my jeans digging in, a reminder of the times I had let my inner glutton loose in New York. Can I get dim sum in Chennai? Would they have somehow recreated Times Square there? Not likely, I kick myself. Not when I had been gone for only nine months.It’s hard to explain to Indians why NRIs love living in the West. It’s not the money at all, though it does help. Mostly, it’s about the discipline in all aspects of life; the pleasure of living in a beautiful ambiance, the contentment of knowing that your privacy is yours alone and not for your relatives to dissect and trample; the absence of chaos; the possibility of planning a vacation a year and making it; the joy of knowing that you won’t be stared at if you wear tight jeans or groped on a crowded bus; the chance to wear red lipstick without being made to feel like a slut out on a prowl …I know what I will go through in India. The place will embrace me quickly; the people won’t. If I want mineral water, I am a stuck-up NRI. If I want tap water, thanks, it’ll be “Oh, this is not U.S., you can’t drink water straight from the tap, ha ha ha.” Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I’ll probably spend the rest of my life explaining to strangers why I came back.I return to the conveyer belt. No suitcases. I have a foolish thought. Will they allow me to go back if I tell them that I left my suitcases at JFK?Suddenly a man in a dirty beige shirt comes before me. “Madam, your name?”I respond automatically, before becoming alert. “Why?” I ask.Too late. He has already moved.I sigh. It has started. Welcome back to India.I glance at the arrival gate. No sign of known faces. Friday evening traffic, probably. A few minutes later, my Good Samaritan returns, simpering. He places my suitcases on the floor. Then he grins idiotically. No self-respecting American will ever do that. Forget charm, at least have some grace when you beg for a tip, I think savagely. “How much?” I hear myself snap. His smile falters.“Your wish, madam,” he says, carefully.I dig inside my wallet and out comes a ten-rupee note. His lips turn downward. Uncaring, I give it to him and leave. I can hear him muttering behind my back. Did he expect a fortune?I am still fuming when I see my parents.What did I expect? They still look the same. My father is waving a huge bouquet at me. My mother is calling out my name and furiously clicking her digicam. I wave back. Both wear million-dollar – oops rupee – smiles. I can’t see my brother … maybe he couldn’t make it. As I come out and feel the sultry air of Chennai, a flood of memories threaten to dissolve me. I remember the taste of life in the past nine months. Plays on Broadway, carriage rides in Central Park, bag shopping in Chinatown, window shopping in Fifth Avenue, hindi movies at Union Square, designer dosas in Soho, evening walks on Brooklyn Bridge, stints at the Youth Hostel on Amsterdam Avenue, the polar bears at Bronx Zoo …Terror claws at me. How can I go back to a world of 8 pm curfews, rows of autowallahs for Rs 10, and zero respect to individuality? How can I deal with the mediocrity, the mockeries, the unjustness, and the hardships that seem native to this country of mine? How can I return to what I was before?Just as I get ready to scream my head off, a blast of water hits me. I now see my little brother, emerging from behind a column. A bell tinkles from the fancy water-gun in his hands.I have just been terminated.“Hey, loser,” he shrieks, laughing in a manner that only a 16-year-old Gemini can. Even as she throws angry words at him, my mother’s arms go around me. A comforting medley of Mysore sandal soap, Ponds talcum powder and coconut oil envelop me. My first hug in nine months.“Oh, we all missed you so much, we are glad you came back!” says my mother.I look at my parents. My father, who has spent his entire life working for others, often at an unflattering pay. My mother, who has spent her youth taking care of her sick in-laws. Thoughts of leisure travel or being food connoisseurs never occur to them. They were too busy surviving, so that their children would, one day, live the way we all deserve to live. They didn’t even have passports.I suddenly know why I came back.“So, how was US? Did you have a good time?” asks my father.“It was lovely,” I reply slowly. “But it will be even lovelier, when we all go together next year.”“Lord, look at my daughter promising the moon to me,” trills my mother. But her red cheeks tell me that she is pleased. I promise myself that I will go back to the heaven I found on earth as soon as possible, as soon as I can make arrangements. My family would love to eat lobster in Times Square.As my mother walks towards the parking lot, my brother gets busy. He aims another shot at me with his water gun. No self-respecting American would do that either.Thank goodness! Related Itemslast_img read more

Delta Air Lines to Resume Non-stop India-U.S. Flights

first_imgAmerican carrier Delta Air Lines will resume its non-stop flight service between the United States and Mumbai from 2019, the company said on May 24. The airline had suspended its non-stop service between the two countries in 2009, citing lack of economic viability caused by government-subsidized Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad.“It is exciting to be able to announce Delta’s return to India from the U.S. as part of our vision to expand Delta’s reach internationally,” the airline’s CEO Ed Bastian said in a statement. “We are thankful to the president for taking real action to enforce our Open Skies trade deals, which made this new service possible. We are looking forward to providing customers in the U.S. and India with Delta’s famously reliable, customer-focused service operated by the best employees in the industry,” he added.While Delta has announced non-stop flights from Mumbai, the airline also said that it intends to expand its existing codeshare relationship with partner Jet Airways to provide seamless connections to other destinations within India. It will announce the details and full schedules later this year, the statement added. The service is subject to government approval.The flights will begin next year and depart from either New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport or Delta’s home base at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, CNBC reported, adding that the airline has not made a final decision yet.Delta’s announcement follows the clarification of the bilateral aviation agreement between the United States and the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to address the issue of government subsidies provided to state-owned carriers in those nations. Under the agreement, announced earlier this month, the UAE airlines Emirates and Etihad agreed to publish financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards. The United States made a similar agreement in January this year with state-owned Qatar Airways.Delta, American and United were the three U.S. carriers that had held that the subsidies were unfair. United Airlines is currently the only U.S. carrier that flies nonstop to India from America. Delta made an exit from the India market, claiming that the government subsidies made it possible for the Middle Eastern carriers to offer lucrative fares for India-U.S. flights, thus making it difficult to compete in the sector.Delta’s announcement follows the recent move by Iceland’s Wow Air to launch its services from Delhi to multiple destinations in North America and Europe via the country’s capital Reykjavik from December 2018. Related ItemsAviationMumbaiUnited Stateslast_img read more

Yogeshwar Dutt qualifies men’s 60kg pre-quarterfinal

Pacquiao, MPBL files game-fixing raps vs SOCCKSARGEN players, team execs

first_imgMOST READ Sen Manny Pacquiao holds up the list of individuals who are now facing charges of game fixing and point shaving.— Cedelf P. Tupas (@cedelfptINQ) November 12, 2019MANILA, Philippines–Cracking down on individuals fixing games in the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, MPBL founder and chair Sen. Manny Pacquiao filed cases against 21 persons, including 11 players from the SOCCKSARGEN team that has lost all of its games so far in the Lakan Season.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGreatest ever?SPORTSFormer PBA import Anthony Grundy passes away at 40SPORTSSan Miguel suspends Santos, Nabong, Tubid indefinitely after ‘tussle’ in practiceAlso charged before the Department of Justice in violation of Presidential Decree 483 that penalizes betting, game fixing and point shaving in sports contests are three Chinese nationals, team managers of two MPBL teams and the head coach of the SOCCKSARGEN team.ADVERTISEMENT Duterte officials’ paranoia is ‘singularly myopic’ Rice industry paralysis LATEST STORIES PH boxing bracing for tough climb to SEA Games gold Pacquiao said there is still an ongoing investigation together with the National Bureau of Investigation. The senator said he had offered a reward to people if they report scrupulous activities in the league. “There are persons who came forward and reported these activities. The NBI then took over and continued the investigation,” said Pacquiao.League commissioner Kenneth Duremdes said he had also noticed strange patterns in SOCCKSARGEN games, prompting him to call Pacquiao’s attention. Pacquiao added that players received between P20,000 to P50,000 per game for their actions.Also named in the complaint are Serafin Matias (11 counts of point shaving and one count of game fixing), EJ Avila (11 counts of point shaving and one count of game fixing), Nice Ilagan (eight counts of point shaving), and Sonny Uy (six counts of point shaving and two counts of game fixing).The players charged are Jake Diwa (17 counts of game fixing and two counts of game fixing), Exe Biteng (17 counts of game fixing two counts of game fixing), Jerome Juanico (16 counts of point shaving and two counts of game fixing), Matthew Bernabe (15 counts of point shaving and two counts of game fixing), Julio Magbanua (13 counts of point shaving, two counts of game fixing), Abraham Santos (13 counts of point shaving, two counts of game fixing), John Patrick Rabe (12 counts of point shaving and two counts of game fixing), Ryan Regalado (12 counts of point shaving and two counts of game fixing), Janus Lozada (12 counts of point shaving), Joshua Alcober (12 counts of point shaving).Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next “This should serve as a serious reminder to all other teams in the MPBL that we are intolerant to any form of cheating and other unsportsmanlike behavior,” said Pacquiao in Filipino. “We formed the MPBL precisely to promote fair play in basketball so I don’t want to hear anything that would besmirch the name of the league.”Pacquiao named a certain Chinese national “Mr. Sung” as the mastermind of the operations with two persons named only as “Kein” and “Emma” as go-between the syndicate and the teams in the league. “Mr. Sung” was charged with 17 counts of betting, point shaving and two counts of game fixing.Pacquiao’s legal counsel Brando Viernesto said each count of point shaving or game fixing carries a sentence of two to six years. “We don’t have the complete name of Mr. Sung but the NBI knows him already and he is being pursued at the moment,” Viernesto said.The other respondents include SOCCKSARGEN team manager Kevin Espinosa (17 counts of point shaving, two counts of game fixing), Quezon City Capitals team manager Niño Dionisio (11 counts of point shaving, 1 count of game fixing) and SOCCKSARGEN coach Ferdinand Melocoton (11 counts of point shaving and 1 count of game fixing).The league has taken over the SOCCKSARGEN franchise and renamed it Saranggani Province. The league has also suspended the players and team officials who were allegedly involved in the operations.ADVERTISEMENT Priority legislation in the 18th Congress In a hastily-called press conference following the filing of charges at the Department of Justice last Tuesday, Pacquiao said the case serves as a warning to those individuals who may continue to operate their game-fixing ring in the MPBL.center_img What’s behind the display of Chinese flag in Boracay? Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Duterte calls himself, Go, Cayetano ‘the brightest stars’ in PH politics Matteo Guidicelli had saved up for Sarah G’s ring since 2014? Ethel Booba on SEA Games cauldron: ‘Sulit kung corrupt ang panggatong’ Drilon apologizes to BCDA’s Dizon over false claim on designer of P50-M ‘kaldero’ Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony PLAY LIST 00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles02:11Makabayan bloc defends protesting workers, tells Año to ‘shut up’03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon02:07Aquino to Filipinos: Stand up vs abuses before you suffer De Lima’s ordeal01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:45Aquino agrees with Drilon on SEA games ‘kaldero’ spending issue View commentslast_img read more

U17 World Cup LIVE: Iran vs Germany

first_imgU17 World Cup: Iran 4-0 Germany: Younes Delfi helps Team Melli go top with royal German thrashing Anselm Noronha Last updated 2 years ago 00:27 10/11/17 Iran U17 Getty The Iran number 11 scored twice and assisted once before being afforded a plausible replacement in the second half… Asian giants Iran moved to top of Group C of the 2017 FIFA U17 World Cup with a 4-0 win over Germany at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at Fatorda, Goa, on Tuesday.Younes Delfi’s (6′ & 42′) first half brace was helped by second half strikes by Allahyar Sayyad (49′) and Vahid Namdari (75′) to cut through German precision to book their place in the Round of 16 with a game in hand.Four changes for Christian Wuck’s side saw Dominic Becker, Noah Awuku, Sahverdi Cetin and Eric Majetschak replace Pascal Hackethal, Elias Abouchabaka, Nicolas Kuehn and Dennis Jastrzembski, while Iran coach Abbas Chamanian made no changes to his starting line-up.Iran got the early lead after Luca Plogmann was able to block Ali Satavi’s shot from outside the box but let Delfi’s left-footer slip in between his legs from the centre of the box off the rebound in the sixth minute. Delfi came close again in the 15th minute, but the Werder Bremen goalkeeper tipped the free-kick from distance above the crossbar.Lars Mai’s back-pass put his goalkeeper in a difficult situation as the latter struggled to find his footing, losing the ball to Sayyad, with Mohammad Ghaderi taking the eventual shot as his team-mate tried to block Plogmann’s view. However, the German goalkeeper still managed to avert a goal from close range. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. Plogmann pulled off an incredible save in the 26th minute, diving to his left, to deny Sayyad’s shot from outside the box, after which Cetin’s curling attempt swirled wide of the mark on the other side.Ghaderi sprung into the left side of the German box and made space for a shot in the 32nd minute, but of which missed the far corner by a whisker as Iran were dominating in the attacking third though the Deutschers held a major chunk of the possession around the half hour mark.With over half a dozen shots at goal by the 36th minute, Amirhossein Hosseinzadeh’s try wasn’t fierce enough to trouble Plogmann in his goal.Delfi’s header from very close range into the top right corner doubled the lead for the Asian outfit from a free-kick taken by Mohammad Sharifi that was a result of a foul conceded by Noah Awuku.Hosseinzadeh successfully beat the off-side trap as he got on the other end of a long cross by Delfi and could have made it 3-0 for Iran before half-time but haplessly shot wide with only the keeper to beat.Iran U17Plogmann had to block Delfi’s shot at goal soon after the second half resumed but could do nothing when Sayyad spearheaded the Iran number 11’s cross from the right with a diving header in the 49th minute. Iran lead 3-0.In the 60th minute, Iran skipper Mohammad Ghobeishavi intercepted Cetin’s pass in the midfield and put it for Saeid Karimi, who in turn pushed the ball forward for Taha Shariati who blasted his shot above the target.Sayyad won the ball from Karimi well outside the German box in the 72nd minute and on the turn, spotting Plogmann off his line, went for a shot that however moved away from the right post as Iran kept constant pressure on the European side who conceded their fourth on the evening in the 75th minute.Substitutes Karimi and Namdari combined well for the latter to slot it at the back of the net and though German substitute Jessic Ngankam won the ball in a goalmouth melee on the other side, his shot was too feeble to trouble Ali Gholam Zadeh who was hardly tested in the game.Germany had an opportunity to pull one back late into the regulation time after Jann-Fiete Arp was fouled by Taha Shariati at the edge of the box, but Yannick Keitel’s free-kick came crashing off the Iran wall and another set-piece taken by Cetin was just about tipped above his goal by Gholam Zadeh during injury time. read morelast_img read more

Dwayne Haskins Has New Comment On NFL Draft Decision

first_imgDwayne Haskins plays against TCU.ARLINGTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 15: Dwayne Haskins #7 of the Ohio State Buckeyes looks for an open receiver against the TCU Horned Frogs in the third quarter during The AdvoCare Showdown at AT&T Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)With the Rose Bowl almost here, questions are swirling about Dwayne Haskins’ future at Ohio State. Although the superstar quarterback isn’t ready to make an official decision yet, he clearly is confident in his abilities.Haskins broke several records with the Buckeyes, as he threw for 4,580 yards and 47 touchdowns.There was already a good chance that Haskins would leave Columbus for the 2019 NFL Draft, but those odds increased even further once Justin Herbert announced he’ll return to Oregon.Herbert was considered by many scouts as the top quarterback of this upcoming class. However, the opportunity to play alongside his brother has enticed him to stay for another season with the Ducks.Now that one of the elite quarterback prospects is officially off the board, the consensus around the country is that Haskins should see a boost in his stock.When asked if Herbert’s decision will affect his own, Haskins said “I’m happy he made that decision for himself, but his decision had nothing to do with me.”Here was the full quote:Dwayne Haskins says Justin Herbert’s return to Oregon doesn’t affect his NFL decision: “I feel like I was the best quarterback in the country regardless of what Herbert did. I’m happy he made that decision for himself, but his decision had nothing to do with me.”— Colin Hass-Hill (@chasshill) December 29, 2018If Haskins does enter the draft he’ll most likely be selected early in the first round. Every year teams are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback, and he definitely fits that category.Ohio State will face Washington on New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl. It might just be the final collegiate game for Haskins.last_img read more

CSSC, MAN Extend Four-Stroke Licence Agreement

first_imgzoom China’s CSSC Marine Power Co., Ltd. (CMP) has renewed its contract with MAN Diesel & Turbo for another 10 years of production of four-stroke medium speed engines.CMP is an engine-manufacturing division of the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).“The extension of the four-stroke licence agreement between CMP and MAN Diesel & Turbo is a tribute to the very first licence we bonded 35 years ago. Furthermore, the comprehensive cooperation scope refers not only to four-stroke diesel engines, but also to two-stroke low speed engines, CPP propellers, turbochargers, and SCR systems. CSSC values MAN Diesel & Turbo as its premium partner, and sincerely expects to continue this important business partnership to another 35-year milestone”, said Zhang Haisen, Chairman of CSSC Marine Power Co., Ltd.To date, CMP has delivered 5,000 units of MAN four-stroke diesel engines, equivalent to 4,700,000 kW. CMP also holds a licence agreement for two-stroke MAN B&W engines, which it too renewed for a decade earlier this year.Image: MANlast_img read more

Mother blasts high schools response to multiple sexual assault allegations

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – A Newfoundland mother says the school system re-victimized her daughter and at least two other girls by allowing a male student who allegedly sexually assaulted them to briefly return to school.The sexual assault allegations have shaken Stephenville High School, where students held a protest Wednesday.At least three girls say the same boy attacked them in separate incidents offsite. The mother said she wants to make clear the seriousness of the accusations because they underscore how harrowing it was for alleged victims to face him in class or in the hallways.“We want the word out so that this changes. Victims should not be expected to be re-victimized in a school setting,” said the mother, who can’t be named to protect her daughter’s identity.Her daughter was the first student to come forward, she said. The boy had picked her up from a babysitting job a few days before Christmas, she said.“Instead of taking her home, he took her parking at a remote location here in Stephenville and basically confined her to the car. The rape occurred there.”Her daughter’s allegations also include attempted choking, said the mother. She confirmed the RCMP were notified and charges laid in December. Two more girls at the school came forward after her daughter, she said.“Sexual assault in itself can mean a whole gamut of things. Some of the comments I’m hearing in the public, they’re not understanding the seriousness,” of the allegations, she added.The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District confirms the boy is accused of sexual assault involving at least one female student “and possibly others” but says his name and other details are safeguarded under youth justice laws.Officials say they’d need a court order to remove the male student, who has chosen not to go back to the high school — at least for now. They’re also working with the RCMP and status of women advisers to improve what they call “deficiencies in the process.”The boy was allowed to return to write mid-term exams last week in an area separate from other students.The mother of the first complainant said he had also returned in mid-January for classes. She only found out when another daughter, who also attends the school, texted her.School officials weren’t aware of the allegations until the mother told them, she said.“They asked him to leave while they investigated.”Newfoundland and Labrador’s youth advocate said Friday the situation has exposed outmoded policies.“We have children in school saying: ‘We don’t feel safe’,” Jackie Lake Kavanagh said in an interview. “When you have young people that are prepared to stand up and courageously speak to that, I think it’s really, really important that collectively we all listen.”St. John’s lawyer Lynn Moore, a former youth court prosecutor who has worked extensively with sexual abuse survivors, said the problem isn’t policy.“Under the Schools Act and the English School District’s bylaws, the school and the school board have the authority to suspend a person that they believe poses a danger to other people in the school,” she said Friday.“It seems to me what they’re doing is they’re preferring the comfort and wishes of the alleged aggressor over the comfort and wishes of the three survivors.“We know that one in three women and girls are subjected to sexual violence. And the refusal to deal with it as a serious matter, I think, is a reflection of a culture which does not trust the word of women and girls.”Many social media users who’ve criticized how the situation was handled note team sports at Stephenville High were swiftly suspended last fall to protect students while police investigated alleged hazing reports.Moore said it’s mystifying that conditions weren’t imposed to keep the boy accused of sexual assault out of the building.“Normally when somebody is charged with an offence involving serious personal violence, that person is released on bail conditions not to have contact with or be in the same place as the complainant,” she said.Such restrictions were apparently imposed but then subsequently changed by the court, Moore said.“I find that very disturbing.”The Crown attorney who presided over the matter could not be immediately reached.The mother of the girl who first spoke out said her daughter is struggling.“She can’t sleep through the night. She’s having nightmares,” she said.“There’s a sacred trust that a community has with education institutions. When we send our kids to school, we are expecting them to be in a safe environment.”Follow @suebailey on Twitter.last_img read more

Property issues remain focus of UNbacked talks between Cypriot leaders

17 November 2009Property issues were once again the focus as Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders met today to continue United Nations-backed reunification talks. Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat held “good and friendly discussions,” the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Cyprus, Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, told reporters after the meeting.The leaders will meet again on Friday to take up organizational matters, and then again next Tuesday, to discuss citizenship, immigration and asylum, Mr. Zerihoun added.Last year Mr. Christofias and Mr. Talat committed themselves to working towards “a bicommunal, bizonal federation with political equality, as defined by relevant Security Council resolutions.”That partnership would comprise a Federal Government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot Constituent State and a Greek Cypriot Constituent State, which would be of equal status.Full-fledged power-sharing negotiations have been taking place since September 2008. read more

Over 2000 job seekers head to Telus Convention Centre for career fair

Over 2,000 job seekers head to Telus Convention Centre for career fair AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Sep 18, 2013 3:22 pm MDT Calgary’s economy may be strong, but the turnout at the Telus Convention Centre shows there’s still lots of work to be found.Over 30 employers set up at the career fair Wednesday, with 2,000 job seekers registered and 2,500 expected to come through by the end of the day.Companies ranging from finance, the oil and gas sector, hospitality, security, auto and more were handing out business cards and taking Regional Account Executive Katherine Gaulin said lots of the job seekers fit into a specific category.“A passive job seeker is someone who is already working and maybe wants to change careers or they want to move for various different reasons,” she said. “It is very, very busy for employers, they are doing everything they can to try and find job seekers that want to work, but there just isn’t that many people that are sitting at home in Calgary right now.”Others like photographer Ron Hill are trying to find work for a specific time of year, such as the holidays.“I found a couple of places that’s actually looking for a photographer, how cool is that?” he said. “I was just looking for part-time work for Christmas anyway, I think it’s a fantastic thing.”Many employers say the main advantage of the job fair is speaking to potential and qualified employees face to face, a luxury that isn’t always possible with online applications.“You can overlook some resumes because maybe some people just don’t write a great resume, but you meet them face-to-face and you see a lot of potential with the way that they carry themselves,” said Len Patkau, regional manager for Abell Pest Control. read more

Leafs Nylander to make season debut on a line with Matthews and

TORONTO — Mike Babcock mused about potential line combinations moments after the Maple Leafs signed star centre John Tavares in free agency on July 1.Toronto’s head coach will finally put the plan he envisioned into action Thursday against the Detroit Red Wings.William Nylander, who ended his contract impasse by signing a six-year deal with the Leafs over the weekend, will make his season debut on a line with centre Auston Matthews and fellow winger Patrick Marleau.Tavares, meanwhile, is set to take up his usual spot between Mitch Marner and Zach Hyman to give Toronto a potent top-6 forward group.A restricted free agent until he signed just before Saturday’s 5 p.m. ET deadline, Nylander should also add even more punch to the Leafs’ third-ranked power play with the second unit.“He’s just got to keep his shifts short, he’s got to be detailed and work — everything else is a bonus,” Babcock said following the morning skate. “It’s going to take him some time, there’s no question about it.“If it’s not working we’ve got lots of guys to move around and go with different options, but that’s where we’d like him to start.”Nylander, who skated Tuesday and Wednesday on his own, has yet to take part in a full practice with his teammates. Thursday’s brief morning skate was his first appearance on the ice at Scotiabank Arena.“It’s been fun watching them play, but you want to be there as well,” said the 22-year-old. “I’m excited to start on home ice and get the season going.”Nylander is coming off back-to-back 61-point campaigns and is yet another weapon for a team sitting second in the NHL’s overall standings heading into Thursday’s action.Babcock said he doesn’t expect it to take Nylander long to find his legs.“He’s an intelligent player,” said the coach. “Once he gets up to speed he’ll be real good. We expect him to have energy tonight.“He should be the freshest guy in hockey.”“It’s his first game of the year, no pre-season, no anything,” added Matthews, who played on a line with Nylander the last two seasons. “There’s going to be that rust there, but knowing him I think it’s not going to take him too long to get back and feeling comfortable.”Toronto’s 20-8-0 record is even more impressive when taking into account the club has done it without Nylander for 26 games — plus the two since he signed — while Matthews missed 14 with a shoulder injury.Marner sits fourth in the league with 39 points, Morgan Rielly ranks second for defenceman with 30, Tavares is tied for ninth in goals with 17, and Matthews has found the back of the net 15 times in the 14 games he’s played.“That’s just the depth and also the approach from the group and the guys — just staying focused on the way we need to play to have success,” Tavares said of the Leafs’ excelling minus two big pieces. “It’s a great opportunity for everyone to be able to make a bigger impact.”No. 1 goalie Frederik Andersen gets the night off after facing 40 shots or more in his last four starts as part of Toronto’s six-game winning streak. Garret Sparks gets the call against Detroit with the Leafs set to open a five-game road trip Saturday in Boston.But all eyes Thursday will be on Nylander’s return.“It’s not like he just came out of the blue,” Babcock said. “We know him pretty good and he’s been with us. We’re just going to put him in. No different than when you add an injured player. It’s not like trading for a guy or anything like that. It’s a guy that’s been here, he understands, knows what’s going on, fits in good in the room.“We’ve got lots of good players. We’ve got to figure out how to give them all ice time and look after them the right way so they’re all important.”___Follow @JClipperton_CPJoshua Clipperton, The Canadian Press read more

Ming I want my penalty points back

first_imgDEPUTY LUKE ‘MING’ Flanagan has told the Dáil that he is to appeal for fines and points due to him for driving while using a mobile phone on two occasions.He said this evening that on June 3 he was in his car travelling to a Dáil meeting when he was stopped by a garda car. He had been using his phone and was told that he would receive a fine because of this.He said he thanked the garda for doing his job well, and told him that his actions may have saved his life. Flanagan said that he received a fixed penalty notice in the post. A few days later he met a garda sergeant who said he had heard what happened, and told Flanagan he was covered under a rule regarding travelling to the Dáil.Flanagan said the Sergeant insisted he write to the station and explain. The deputy did so and did not receive any points on his licence. Flanagan did not name the Sergeant in the Dáil.On another occasion on the way to a council meeting in Roscommon, he was stopped by gardaí and told he was going to get a fixed penalty notice as he was using a mobile phone again. Flanagan said he told a senior council official what had happened, and later that evening was contacted by this person, who said he had ‘sorted out my penalty points issue for me’.He has not received any points in relation to that case.CancelledThe Deputy told the Dáil: Not only is there a cohort of gardaí who are going around asking people do they want penalty points cancelled, it appears there is a franchise system going on whereby if you are cosy with the senior garda then you too can have people’s offences quashed.He said that the Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and Minister Alan Shatter may not believe this is true, with the commissioner saying “that there is no question of what has been described as a culture of non-enforcement of penalties being tolerated by an Garda Síochana”.How can you explain my experience then? I did not ask the garda sergeant in question to get involved, but he insisted he should. I do not believe it was an attempt to trip me up, I believe it is a culture that has festered for years, all the garda was doing was what he had learned along the way.Flanagan said he did not release the information before the press released it, as he believed it was illegal for the gardaí to release such information, and he intended to release it on publication of Minister Shatter’s internal review.He said this was to show there is systematic abuse, which he believed the report would “whitewash” over. He said he has contacted the fines office in Clare and asked how can he get his points and fines back.Deputy Flanagan also called on the reported 15 members of the Dáil and Seanad who are said to have had penalty points removed “to come out and tell us were they approached by the garda or did they go in proactive way go to see could they have their points removed”.Read: Flanagan to address Dáil amid claims he denied penalty points were wiped>last_img read more

Irish tricolour comes home to Waterford

first_imgTHE IRISH TRICOLOUR is to be raised in a military flag raising ceremony in Waterford today, at the same spot where it was first unveiled 165 years ago.This year will mark the third year of the The 1848 Tricolour celebration, which commemorates the first time that the national flag was unveiled by Thomas Francis Meagher at 33 The Mall.The address still exists and, in a first for the ceremony, a Meagher will be there to preside over it. California-based Gilbert Meagher, the great great grandson of the Irish nationalist and leader of the Young Irelanders, is coming to Ireland for the event.A spokesperson from the organising committee told that today’s ceremony it part of a celebration that saw the Australian, American, and Canadian ambassadors to Ireland make the trip to the city.Australia and America are two countries that have a history with Thomas Francis Meagher. Having being convicted of sedition (insurrection against the established order), Meagher was sentenced to a life of hardship in modern-day Tasmania.Before long, however, he had escaped and was bound for America.Locating living relative Gilbert Meagher came as a bolt out of the blue, and a fortuitous one at that. “It was a member of the organising committee that traced him, after realising that he too was related to him,” the spokesperson said.In addition to the flag raising ceremony, the naval vessel LÉ Ciara will be docked in the city for the weekend, and will be open for public tours.Read: Anthem composer and tricolour creator honoured at Glasnevin >last_img read more

MPs threaten to vote against troika amendments

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The coalition’s leadership was seeking to head off a series of potential mini-rebellions by government lawmakers over troika-mandated reforms after five conservative MPs threatened to vote against an amendment revoking cuts to the income of judges unless similar reductions in the incomes of other civil servants are also reversed.The Finance Ministry submitted an amendment to Parliament abolishing cuts to the salaries and pensions of judges that have been enforced since August 2012 as part of Greece’s commitments to international creditors. The move came a day after a court ruled that retroactive cuts to the judges’ pensions were unconstitutional.However, in a joint statement on Wednesday New Democracy MPs Ilias Vlachoyiannis, Iordanis Tzamtzis, Theodoros Soldatos, Pavlos Voyiatzis and Dimitrios Kyriazidis threatened to vote down the amendment unless cuts to the wages of police and armed forces employees are also revoked.High-ranking government officials noted that measures have already been taken to lighten the burden on police and armed forces staff who were among the beneficiaries of the so-called “social dividend” distributed last month after Greece recorded a primary budget surplus. The same officials noted that, unlike the court decision regarding the judges, which was issued late last year, a Council of State ruling ordering salary cuts for police officers and armed forces staff was issued this year and therefore has not been budgeted for.There were fears meanwhile that other rulings could prompt similar reactions by other lawmakers. Another ND MP, Evripidis Stylianidis, called on the government to honor a court ruling issued in May and rehire hundreds of Finance Ministry cleaners who have been put into a mobility scheme for civil servants.Commenting on the case of the cleaners, Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that rehiring them in the absence of a final decision by the Supreme Court, which is expected in the fall, would challenge the foundations of a mobility scheme which Greece has promised the troika it will enforce.Interior Minister Argyris Dinopoulos, for his part, emphasized that Greece would honor its pledges to the troika to lay off civil servants.last_img read more

Ancelotti praises Napolis character after victory over Bologna

first_imgCarlo Ancelotti was impressed with the character of his side Napoli in their 3-2 victory over Bologna after the recent setback in Milan.Arkadiusz Milik’s double were levelled up by two headers from set pieces until Dries Mertens netted the winner to seal three points for his side.“It’s a rather unusual period of the season and we haven’t seen any great performances this weekend,” the Coach told Football Italia.“I thought we above all didn’t keep our game under control, as we allowed Bologna to equalise twice from set plays. It should also be noted that Bologna played well and made life difficult, so we had to show character to win this.“Bologna look very motivated and caused us a lot more problems than other teams who faced us at the San Paolo this season.”At the midway stage, Napoli are nine points adrift of leaders Juventus.Sacchi explains Sarri, Conte, and Ancelotti Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Arrigo Sacchi talked about how Sarri has a tougher time at Juventus than Conte at Inter; while Ancelotti’s “blood is boiling” at Napoli.Arrigo Sacchi…“We’re on track, I’d say, with expectations. We had some good results that have only been watered down by an extraordinary Juventus run.“We should be optimistic, as we are closer to the top than we are fifth place. We did everything we could in the Champions League, but this team has not yet expressed its full potential. We can do more and we will improve.“It’s a healthy group with real professionals, so that makes my job easier. We changed a few things from last season and they adapted very well.“There are players like Simone Verdi, Piotr Zielinski, Arkadiusz Milik and Fabian Ruiz who still have more to prove and I expect them to reach another level.“Squad rotation is complicated if you have more than 20 outfield players. Right now, we have 21 and Vlad Chiriches is also coming back from injury.”last_img read more

Three Alternative Steps to Savings

first_imgMost Publishers have at least one thing in common: the greatest costs come from printing, personnel and promotions. But as many struggle to stay afloat, they are in search of cost-savings methods that don’t tap into their indispensable resources. Both Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Serendipity Publishing and Topeka, Kansas-based Ogden Publications have experienced no layoffs these past few months; in fact, they have continued to hire through the downturn. How have they managed to keep staff on board and operate business as usual? Creative savings and upfront investment, allowing both publishers to cut back on non-essentials and money drains in order to hold onto their most important resources.1. Invest in E-Commerce“The single biggest thing that we’ve invested in heavily is e-commerce on our Web site so we can sell more print subscriptions via the Web,” says Bryan Welch, publisher and editorial director of Ogden Publications. Welch cites the company as taking a risk in 2008 by “eliminating about $650,000 from our direct mail budget and investing that money into expanding and improving e-commerce capabilities.” In 2009, Welch says that Ogden plans to up this ante in the hopes of replacing direct mail-sold subscriptions with a more efficient source. Since this move to the Web, subscription circulation, as well as sponsor rates and new subscribers, have gone up in spite of Ogden spending less money on circulation and promotion. E-commerce functions, including pop-ups on Ogden’s own Web site, as well as SEM, have “probably saved [us] between $500,000 and $750,000 in 2008 just from the conversion of direct mail sources to online sources,” says Welch. There is no question, he says, that they will experience more savings in 2009.2. More Printers Can Cost Less MoneyWhile some production departments consider meeting with printers on an annual basis to be a drain on time and money, Serendipity’s president and publisher Kasie Smith swears by it. Every June, she makes a trip to meet with her printer. Why? “We’ve been using the same printer for about three years now, but it’s still always good to get different bids,” she says. While the company values its relationship with its long-time printer, after some negotiation, they recently decided to stray from their sole printer and farm out work to multiple partners. Smith says that by doing this, the company reduced its print bill by 20 percent. “While we love our relationship with them [single printer], in times like these, dollars and cents can really make the biggest impact,” she says. 3. Automatic RenewalIt’s no secret that publishers mail out multiple renewal notices—on average, it can take as many as 14 notices before a subscriber responds. For Welch, Ogden’s “Earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan” has not only given the company a new environmental initiative, but saved between $100,000 and $150,000 in 2008. While a normal acquisition price for new subscribers is $12.95, Ogden’s online offer sets a price of $10 annually, in exchange for a credit card that the company can automatically renew. While the number of subscribers via automatic renewal is only about 15 percent of the total subscriber base, it is growing every day, says Welch. The savings in paper, postage and shipping costs far outweigh the discounted subscription price that the company offers through this program.SIDEBAR Going Green, Saving GreenMany companies are enthusiastic about going green—at least until they realize that many green initiatives will cost more than their normal business process (and take place on the back-end where no one else will give them props). However, some publishers, like Ogden Publications, have developed easy, low-cost green practices that also save money. Follow Ogden’s model, and you can have your environmentally-friendly solution and bank a few bucks too.What: Adding skylights to the building (in 2005); changing all company computers over to the most energy-efficient settings; adding insulation to the roof. The payoff: Ogden estimates that its 2008 savings on its utility bills was about 10 percent through these three efforts combined. Given increased energy rates, the roof insulation installation might take a little longer than its initially expected two to three year pay off, the company says. However, savings are dependent upon the publisher’s type of building structure, and could potentially add up to larger percentage in savings.What: Reusing incoming packing materials for outgoing shipments and filing boxes according to size for easy access. The payoff: The publisher estimates saving a total of about $3,000 in 2008. Ogden also shreds its old issues that would otherwise be recycled to use as packing materials, which helps save on overall shipping materials.What: Replacing disposable cups and Styrofoam with glass mugs office-wide.The payoff: With anticipated savings of about $500 for Ogden in 2008, reusable mugs can also be a plus to publishers that host many on-site client meetings.What: Using a PDF comment system for group editing, and doublesiding printed docs.The payoff: This application allows editors to collaboratively comment and edit a story projected up onto a large screen. Adobe’s PDF comment system saves the company in paper and printing costs. The group editing process, as well as doublesided printing and copying, was expected to save Ogden $1,200 last year.last_img read more

Tributes paid to Bal Gangadhar Tilak Chandra Shekhar Azad by

first_imgKakinada: Aditya Degree college students, staff and NSS coordinator Tejeswara Rao on Tuesday paid floral tributes to great Indian freedom fighters Lokmanaya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Chandra Shekhar Azad on their 163rd and 113rd birth anniversaries. At the programme organised, the students remembered the active participation of the two leaders in the Indian freedom struggle, College principal C Subrahmanyam asked the students and youth to emulate these two leaders in their determination and dedication and influencing masses to march towards in Indian freedom movement. Students of the decree college, faculty participated.last_img

Indian Navy on high alert for severe cyclonic storm Fani

first_imgThis is the exact position of cyclone Fani.Regional Meteorological CentreAs the cyclone storm, Fani was intensifying into a ‘Severe Cyclonic Storm’ over the south-east and adjoining south-west Bay of Bengal, the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) is on high alert to render necessary humanitarian assistance, a Navy spokesperson said on Tuesday.Indian Naval ships at Visakhapatnam and Chennai are on stand-by to proceed to the most affected areas to undertake Humanitarian Aid Distress Relief (HADR), evacuation, logistic support including providing medical aid. TwitterThese ships are embarked with additional divers, doctors, inflatable rubber boats and relief material that include food, tents, clothes, medicines and blankets.Naval aircraft are also on standby at the Naval Air Stations INS Rajali at Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu and INS Dega at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, to undertake reconnaissance, rescue, casualty evacuation and airdrop of relief material to the stranded if required, the spokesperson added.The ENC is closely monitoring the developments in the Bay of Bengal and Flag Officer Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Naval Area (FOTNA) and Naval Officers-in-Charge (Andhra Pradesh) and (Odisha) is in constant communication with respective state administrations.As of Monday evening, Fani was about 770 km east-south-east of Chennai.last_img read more

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Sue YouTube CoFounder Over Leaked Video

first_img Register Now » 2 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globalcenter_img November 1, 2013 Oft-exposed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have slapped YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley with a lawsuit for exposing a bit more of their private lives than they wanted.West and Kardashian — who, one recalls, had her own career launched because of her, um, performance on an amateur video — are suing Hurley for allegedly leaking a video of their marriage proposal online through his new video-app project called MixBit.The duo claim techie Hurley wasn’t even invited to the Oct. 21 event, though in attendance were Alison Pincus, owner of shopping website One Kings Lane  and wife of Mark Pincus, in addition to Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam and VC Ben Horowitz. But Hurley gained access after signing a non-disclosure agreement forbidding him from posting videos or images of the extravaganza. The court filing even shows a picture of Hurley holding up the signed agreement.Apparently, Hurley took his chances.Related: YouTube Co-founder Announces New Video Service The two-and-a-half-minute video titled “PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!! Congrats Kim and Kanye!” shows West proposing to his baby momma at AT&T Park in San Francisco, as a 50-piece orchestra plays Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful.” (It was reported Del Ray flat our rejected West’s request to perform at that event).  Hurley tweeted out the clip to his more than 500,000 followers, which has managed to rack up more than 1.6 million views.So this happened last night. Congrats Kim & Kanye!— Chad Hurley (@Chad_Hurley) October 23, 2013Kimye’s lawyer claims Hurley did this out of desperation, to save Mixbit.”Following a lackluster launch and unsuccessful ensuing debut, Hurley sought to salvage MixBit from its dour beginning,” the lawsuit states. “An opportunity to do so appeared to Hurley when he learned of the October 21, 2013, event featuring West and Kardashian,” it continues.Related: YouTube Founders Launch MixBit Video App to Rival Vine and Instagram It seems unlikely that the lawsuit stemmed from privacy concerns but rather they, not Hurley, wanted to cash in on the event, as The Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew was there filming every precious moment.Kardashian and West are seeking unspecified damages. last_img read more

Drone Accidents Not Your Fault

first_imgAugust 25, 2016 2 min read Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. This story originally appeared on PCMag Did you buzz your neighbor’s shrubs or crash into your garage with a drone? Good news: it might not be your fault!Researchers at Australia’s RMIT University’s School of Engineering and Edith Cowan University found that many drone accidents are due to the gadgets themselves rather than human error. Dr. Graham Wild and Dr. Glenn Baxter from RMIT and John Murray of ECU studied 150 civil incidents involving drones and found that 64 percent occurred due to technical problems. The study, published in the journal Aerospace, pointed to “broken communications links” between the operator and the drone. As a result, the researchers think commercial aircraft-type regulations should be applied to the communications systems of drones.”Large transport category aircraft, such as those from a Boeing or Airbus, are required to have triple redundant systems for their communications,” Dr. Wild said in a statement. “But drones don’t and some of the improvements that have reduced the risks in those aircraft could also be used to improve the safety of drones.”Exceptions can be made for drones under 55 pounds, he said, though pilots should have licenses. “It’s essential that our safety regulations keep up with this rapidly growing industry,” Dr. Wild argued.The team started its research after reports of a drone collision at Heathrow Airport, though authorities later said it was “not a drone incident.” Still, collisions do occur (see the video below), hitting everything from ferris wheels and the Empire State Building to the White House lawn (and there are certainly some dumbasses flying drones who should not be).last_img read more